Asher Blank is the solo project of emerging New York-based producer Will Cabaniss, whose unique vision of pop music weaves together angular melodies and futuristic production in tight packages of theatrical storytelling.

Cabaniss began making music while growing up in New York City in the early 2010’s; at 15 he was posting beat tapes to Soundcloud under a collection of monikers that included “William, The Curator," an homage to the then-rising Odd Future frontman. He eventually released a first foray into pop production and songwriting on his 2015 EP Loose Ends.

Cabaniss developed his sonic voice in 2017 and ‘18 while composing for Voices in Your Head, a competitive a cappella group at the University of Chicago, pulling inspiration from the work of Caroline Shaw and Kirk Franklin to craft an original take on small-group vocal music. In 2019, he joined the Grammy-winning staff of the LA vocal training program A Cappella Academy.

The Asher Blank project was born in 2022 after two years of experimentation and discovery amid the pandemic, introducing the voices of Cabaniss and his collaborators to a sonic and visual landscape rich with emotion and grounded by textured, thumping production. 
(photo by Ian Shiff)